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Literally means to puncture with a needle. However, the application of needles is often used in combination with moxibustion, the burning on or over the skin of selected herbs—and may also involve the application of other kinds of stimulation to certain points. The term “acupuncture” is used in its broad sense to include traditional body needling, moxibustion, electric acupuncture (electro-acupuncture), laser acupuncture (photo-acupuncture), microsystem acupuncture such as ear (auricular), face, hand and scalp acupuncture, and acupressure (the application of pressure at selected sites).


New patient: $120.00/1.5 hour; Follow-ups: $80.00/1-hour.

Oriental Medicine (Chinese Herbs) 
The precursor to modern pharmaceuticals. Chinese herbs are used in their more natural state to provide therapeutic effects. Raw herbs are the most natural and potent form of Chinese medicine, but powdered granules and pills has also been developed in the interest of convenience for the modern individual. Studies have shown that using whole plants in contrast to isolated active compounds provides a more complete and long lasting therapeutic effect. Pricing Varies.

Electrical Stimulation 
A small amount of electrical stimulation is directly connected to a set of acupuncture needles. This provides increased stimulation to amplify the treatment’s effect.

A vacuum is created inside a glass jar by quickly inserting a flame into the cup. The cup is then quickly placed on the skin and the vacuum inside pulls layers of skin and muscle into the cup. This technique is used for a variety of reasons, the most common being to pull toxins directly out of the skin or to provide a deep tissue massage.

Gua Sha 
A massage technique used to promote the movement of energy and blood by firmly rubbing the skin with a smooth-edged tool.

Tui Na 
An ancient form of Chinese Medical Massage used to restore normal physiological function.

A lancet is used to draw a few drops of blood from a specific acupuncture point with the intent of pulling heat and toxins from the body.

Qi Gong/Tai Ji 
An ancient martial arts practice used to generate energy and restore balance in the body through slow, meditative movements. 

Lifestyle/Dietary Guidance    
to help maintain balance in all facets of life